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Building community

Thoughtful, curated experiences. Heartfelt community. Meaningful conversation. Stories of the world. Without fear from COVID.

Blue Tea Cups

Books + CommuniTea

In the absence of gathering with people, in the absence of travel, I find myself sipping warm tea for comfort and losing myself in books. With every great book, I want to meet with others, share tea, and laugh out loud or have a meaningful discussion. So, I co-created a place that offers comfort and community – without fear from COVID – centered around books and tea in partnership with local teahouses.

Global dispatch

To forge human connection, to remain connected from the local to the global, I find myself reaching out to people in my network for a global dispatch of humanity and inspiration. They are community builders on all continents, and they remind me that there is much good work we all can do, even amidst a global pandemic.

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Club meeting in Zoom


The Global Partners in Peace Rotary Club is comprised of peace practitioners mobilizing at all levels – in local communities, on national programs, and at global policy tables. We are activating peace in 18 countries: from India to Nepal, to Mali and Uganda, to Pakistan and Palestine, to the United States and United Kingdom, to Colombia and Mexico and all points in between.

Color Line