Color Line

Facilitating dialogue​

Step into another person’s shoes. Own their stories. Listen deeply. Reciprocate with honest discourse.

Creating Dialogue

I was one of 10 Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Fellows

during the 2016 presidential election. I founded a program convening diverse voices in facilitated dialogue to reduce polarization. Through experiential techniques – such as Third-to-First Person and Circle – participants are invited to step into another person’s shoes, own their stories, listen deeply, and reciprocate with honest discourse. The program has grown to serve communities in diverse ways, at first focused on conflict transformation, now also fostering community engagement and accountability. More than 1,500 people have participated; 90% of those surveyed say the experience has changed how they will approach future dialogue

Race, racism, and safety

Resiliency in the social service sector

Middle East Democracy Fellows

Land ownership and sustainability

Reducing polarization


Dialogue facilitation

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Third to first person narrative | Plates

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Color Line