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Community partners

In their words

Jon Abel

Listen deeply

I approached Linda to facilitate a day-long dialogue for a group of Democracy Fellows from six countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. She was effective in getting participants to shift from stating their positions on issues to genuinely listening to each other and discussing interests and concerns, so they could carry their dialogues forward. Linda is a natural facilitator who draws people in and puts them at ease. It is a joy to work with her, and to know you have a partner who cares about enabling people to see there is more that brings us together than holds us apart – if we are willing to talk and listen to each other.

Jon Abels, Executive Director, Duke Center for International Development, Duke University

Olga Dzhumaeva

Complex to clear

As Head of Resource Mobilization throughout the EU migration crisis, one of the most important success factors was partnering with Linda and her communications team. Together, we developed a shared narrative and action plan across the region from which to mobilize. This was critical to bolstering our credibility, enabling our access to communities, participation at decision making tables, and capacity to generate funds and resources for humanitarian response. 

During the crisis, parallel emergencies sparked in neighboring countries. Our teams coordinated day and night to maintain momentum on all fronts: keep the spotlight focused on the multiple emergencies we were responding to, and interest high amongst donor partners. Amidst this complex landscape, Linda’s calm, steady, and strategic leadership enabled us to communicate with compelling clarity.

Olga Dzhumaeva, Head of Country Cluster for South Caucasus, Former Head of Resource Mobilization for Europe Region, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Steven Winters

Be accountable

Any single issue with delivering water, a public health essential, will set an organization back. We experienced three major water emergencies in a span of 18-months. We needed to rebuild trust and our relationship with the community. Linda listened to what we needed and what the community needed. She told our story of investing in the water system and community. She took complex water policies and science and made them compelling and relatable. 

Equally important, she designed ways for us to engage directly with customers and community groups – by inviting them into our water labs, treatment facilities, and watersheds in our forested lands. We also went to them – in schools, libraries, community centers, town halls and social media spaces. Our customers came to see us for what we are: a diverse team of people working hard to deliver high quality water safely.

Our relationship with the community has turned around. We could not have achieved this without Linda’s strategic leadership. She led our entire workforce in our transformation – from thinking of communications and engagement as a tactic, to a way of behaving organizationally and culturally.

Stephen Winters, Director of Finance and Customer Service, Orange Water and Sewer Authority

April Clark

Step into another person’s shoes

Listening to the stories of others sharing their truth, vulnerability and resilience helped build a bond between all participants and gave voice and validity to my own story. The narrative I held about others was changed. As a collective, we were transformed. There is hope that the continued practice of open, facilitated communication will lead to better understanding of one another and ultimately peace. These dialogues are essential.

April Clark, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, Rotary District 7730

Color Line